In the new year

Happy New Year!

Let’s all ignore that we are actually 18 days into this new year, OK? OK!

At this time of year there are countless blogs talking about resolutions or goals for 2013. I’m trying not to make any New Year’s resolutions because I feel guilty when I don’t follow through. Sound familiar? Everyone wants to be healthier, more active,  eat better (see healthier), and be a superhero. To that end, I’ve decided to take tiny steps towards my ultimate goal of superhero. 😉

Tiny Step for Me: more yoga.

I know, I know, that sounds almost exactly like a resolution that I said I wouldn’t set because I’ll feel guilty about not following through. It kind of is, I know. But here’s the thing: I tend to exercise in waves with the length of time between waves varying from days to weeks to months. My plan for 2013 is to try to do a little bit of yoga (almost) everyday even if that little bit isn’t more than 10 min. I usually find that once I get started I’ll keep going so the 10 min usually turns into the full 30(ish) min.

Tiny Steps for the Bubbly Meadow House: not tackling any big projects but focusing on purging and organizing what we have; painting the rooms that have been ignored; making more staples from scratch.

We didn’t tackle any big house projects in 2012 but we did take the kids to Walt Disney World in Orlando which, while completely awesome, wasn’t cheap. We had budgeted for it but we need some time for our saving account to recover. Since moving into this house 4 years ago we haven’t unpacked all of our boxes. In my defense, we moved in when I was 7.5 months pregnant. Yeah, I know, Miss P is 4 years old so what’s my excuse now? I don’t have one. Not a good one anyway. We’ve gotten used to seeing, or not, a few boxes here and there.  I’d love to just pitch most of said boxes, Mr. Bubbly Meadow won’t go for that. And so we must purge and organize. Knowing us this will be a long slow process. Wish us luck!

Along with ignoring the less important boxes from the move we haven’t painted the walls in a number of the rooms and the upstairs hallway. The previous owners had the entire house painted a neutral beige before they listed it. The two exceptions were the upstairs bathrooms that were left a minty green and sky blue, respectively. I’m guessing they thought it complimented the burgundy tiles and vanities. (Ugh. So awful. How did that ever happen?) Painting the bathrooms will involve replacing some of the hardware like the towel bars and toilet paper holders but I think we can keep the costs relatively low on those.

My close friends will laugh at the thought of my trying to make more from scratch! I already make most of our meals from scratch, including things like chicken stock, pizza dough, and dinner buns. Even so, my goal for this year is to continue to make my own chicken stock, prepare dry beans more often, and make most of our own buns (hamburger, hot dog, and dinner buns). I would like to add bread to that list but I’m not sure that’s realistic for me right now. I am certainly capable and I love homemade bread BUT fresh bread in the house usually results in my consuming far too much of it. I’m going to leave this one on the back burner for now.


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