Meal Planning: February 11 – February 17

Just days after saying I was going to go back to week to week meal planning I went ahead and planned a month of meals. I’m not completely sure what got into me but I sucked it up and spent some time with my lists of favourite recipes and planned the rest of February and into March. Yup, I live on the wild side. HA!

Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday February 11: Leftover Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings (How Sweet)
Tuesday February 12: Pancakes
Wednesday February 13: Spaghetti Squares
Thursday February 14: Leftovers
Friday February 15: Leftovers OR Quesadillas
Saturday February 16: Birthday Party!!

In the mix this week: we’ve got swimming lessons late afternoon on Monday, skating lessons Wednesday afternoon, and soccer on Saturday. Somewhere in there I’ve got to finish planning (or just stick to a previous plan) for K’s bday party and actually execute said plan. I’m planning a post with all the details but let’s just say that I’ve planned more than I should have, and I’ll be working my tail off to get it done in time. Wish me luck!


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