Meal Planning: February 4 – February 10

I jumped back onto the meal planning band wagon by planning meals for the month of January in one sitting. I haven’t been similarly motivated for February so this month is week to week planning.

Even so, this past week was a little fly by the seat of my pants. Mr. Bubbly Meadow was working afternoons and wasn’t around for supper. This tends to make me lazy and serve the kids cereal for supper at least once. Sure enough, that happened.

Monday February 4: Taco salad with leftover chili
Tuesday February 5: Kids had leftover pancakes from our dinner out; I had taco salad.
Wednesday February 6: last night of taco salad; a much bigger hit with the kids than I would have guessed.
Thursday February 7: Broiled Tofu, green beans, and rice
Friday February 8: Broiled Tofu, green beans, and rice.
Saturday February 9: Pizza night; Naan bread crusts with pesto, pulled pork and bacon. Everything was in the freezer so it was a super easy prep supper.
Sunday February 10: Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings (How Sweet)


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