To say that this year has gotten away from me would be an understatement. And it’s not like I can say that’s its because we’ve been up to anything extraordinary; we haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some special moments and lots of mundane ones too but nothing that justifies ignoring this space for 6 months.

My biggest struggle this year, starting from just before the last post in late February, has been severe forearm pain. It has been difficult to type at the computer, chop vegetables, or sew. Yoga was completely out of the question. I had seen my doctor about the pain before, when it was markedly less severe, and her advice was to stop the activities that caused the aggravation. That’s all well and good except when the activities included cooking, cleaning, and laundry. We can’t all stop eating and being hygienic just because my arms hurt.

Out of sheer desperation I started searching for alternatives. I turned to an acupuncturist and chiropractor for help. I started with visits twice a week and then slowly went down to once a week then every two weeks and I’m now at once a month. Thanks to my fantastic acupuncturist, who is also my chiropractor, I’m almost back to normal. Some activities still aggravate my arms but my recovery time is most often only a few days instead of weeks.

And that’s that.


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