Meal Planning: January 12 – 18, 2014

Woohoo! It’s week two of Meal Planning 2014. Is anybody else as amazed as I am?


Here’s why you should be: I as ready to call it quits in Jan 12 (otherwise known as Sunday). And again on Jan 13 (Monday if you’re keeping track). And yet, both days I rolled with it, adjusted the meal plan and moved on.

Sunday January 12
The plan had listed Baked Potato Soup. A very late afternoon nap by yours truly put the kibosh on that and we had chicken fingers and fries instead. A nice healthy dinner to start of the week. Ha!

Monday January 13
Once again the meal plan and I went our separate ways. We were to have tourtière, salad, and green beans. Doesn’t it sound lovely? Rich and yet healthy. Unfortunately, the pie crusts I had been planning on using turned out to have been in my freezer for at least three years. No judging please. I’m sure you’ve all lost things to the depths of your deep freeze. (I’m assuming there are some invisible internet friends reading. If not, then there’s no one here to judge me anyway.) No time to make my own crust by this point so I moved ahead Wednesday’s dinner of Baked Sandwiches. Very similar to last week’s Baked Meatball Sandwiches but different. Also no green beans because they looked kind of awful at the grocery store. Salad was improvised from a bag of coleslaw, half a red pepper, some Brussels sprouts, and homemade coleslaw dressing.

Tuesday January 14
Trying to get the meal plan back on track! Tourtière, salad, and green beans.
Since the salad was consumed last night and the green beans were never purchased, this ended up being tourtière and roasted Brussels sprouts with Parmesan cheese.

Wednesday January 15
Leftover Day!
Leftover tourtière and salad with pineapple and cookies.

Thursday January 16
Spaghetti Squares and salad
Meal plan is back on track! Very easy and always goes over well. It also makes a huge pan so it lasts for a couple of days.

Friday January 17
Spaghetti Squares and salad. Not a single complaint about the repetition. Yay me!

Saturday January 18
And we’ve been derailed again. Boy that didn’t take long.
Original plan: Baked sandwiches (had them earlier in the week so no go), leftovers (strangely enough there are none left), or stuffed chicken and salad (don’t feel like it. Not one little bit.)
New plan: nacho dip, chicken wings, and salad.
I don’t think the kids had had chicken wings before and it was hilarious to watch them try to eat them. K was going at them from the ends rather than the middle and Miss P was following suit. So funny!


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