March Break wasn’t much of a break but it certainly was a lot of fun. Completely different routine but all kinds of busy.

Monday: game day! The kids and I played board games all day. It was a blast. Mostly. K has a hard time when he doesn’t win so there were some teary moments to work through. I think we need to have more days like this!

Tuesday: cousins arrived! My sil and her kids came over for a couple of days of cousin fun.

Wednesday: cousin fun continued!

Thursday: cousin fun culminated in a concert performed by all four kids. They had so much fun together. It’s too bad they aren’t closer.
After the guests left K, P, and I went to the library.

Friday: super special last day of March Break. I had promised the kids a visit to Balls of Fun and lunch at Panera Bread. Balls of Fun is an indoor play centre with slides, all kinds of balls, and jumping areas. Much sweaty fun ensued.

Saturday: birthday party for cousin A! Time for another indoor play centre. The kids had a grand time (no surprise there). It was a strange feeling for M and I though: we are now the parents of the bigger kids! Ours still aren’t big but for this crowd they were almost the oldest kids. That change came fast.

Sunday: rescheduled birthday party for K! We had a very low key party with our close friends but K was happy. No one from school was able to make it but he didn’t really mind. His bestie was there and that’s pretty much all that mattered.


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