Friday Five

I've seen the bunny all winter. No sign of the grass yet.

I’ve seen the bunny all winter. No sign of the grass yet.

1. One of my favourite food blogs: use real butter. I save her posts until I have time to enjoy them. How can you not want to make that cake?

2. iheartorganising: organizing eye candy. Is there such a thing?
Her series this month is Monthly Clean Home Challenge. I’m pretending to participate. Ha!

3. White bean bread: another food blog I saver.
She’s also the author of one of my favourite cookbooks: Spilling the beans. She makes my bean obsession acceptable.

4. I’m loving my newest nail polish: wave by joe fresh.
Not expensive but it went on relatively well but it did need three coats. Regardless, this is how I’m making myself believe spring is almost here. (It’s not working.)

5. Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon
I have the biggest crush on this cookbook. I’ve used it multiple times a week since my preorder copy arrived on March 4. Last night I made the classic glo bar. Totally worth the hunt for brown rice syrup. P, who doesn’t like traditional granola bars, loved these. The nut free version are going to be in regular rotation for school snacks.


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